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The Player
Name: Sarah
Age: 22
Time Zone: EDT
Contact Info: AIM: SarahBeth051787
Other Characters: Sharpay, Zeke, Tristan, Caleb, Sam, Beth Anne, Jacqueline, Kayley

The Character
Canon or Original: canon
Full Name: Taylor Nicole McKessie
Age: 18
Birthdate: September 21, 1991
Gender: Female

General Appearance
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 147lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Played By: Monique Coleman
Appearance: Simply put, Taylor's style is simple and professional. Though her hair is a decent length she usually has it pushed back with a headband or pulled into a ponytail. Long hair in the chem lab is just not a good idea. Her make up is nearly non-existent. A touch of mascara, maybe a swipe of lip gloss. Low maintenance is key.

The way she dresses is no different. Though she still considers herself "fashionable," she would never spend more than about 5 minutes putting together an outfit, unless it was for a special event, like maybe a date with Chad. She likes to dress to impress him. But over all it's a skirt and blazer or jeans and a sweater. Plus an extra cute pair of shoes. Her one style weakness, of course.

Interests&Hobbies: politics, education, leading, reading, shopping, helping others
Best 5 words to describe: dedicated, intellectual, loyal, organized, strong-willed
General personality: Taylor has never been the most outgoing girl, though no one would ever consider her shy. She can naturally command the attention of a group, or even a room, but is just as comfortable to sit in a corner working on an assignment or read a book. She's a bit of neat freak and will have to clean a space before she can fully settle in it.

She's dedicated, sometimes overly so. Her dedication tends to lead to tunnel vision, forcing her to ignore everything around her: people, food, the simple need to use the restroom, until the task at hand is done. But she's reliable. If you give her a task, it will be done, without any worries.

Taylor is a walking dictionary, encyclopedia, and random fact book. She has been blessed (or is it cursed?) with an impeccable memory for even the tiniest details. Did you pick on her in the third grade? Not only does she remember you being mean, she remembers what you said too. Though she doesn't consider herself one to hold a grudge, she does use the memories to properly size up the people she knows now.

Parents: Donald and Catherine McKessie (separated)
Siblings: Trinity (21) and Nadia (3) and half-brother Noah (22), but she doesn't know about him, yet
History: Taylor considers herself lucky to be a part of the family she is in. She loves, respects and gets along with her parents. Her older sister is one of her very best friends. She's been raised to be confident in herself and knows that she deserves the best - as long as she works for it. Now being a big sister to her newly adopted two year old sister, Nadia, maintaining these qualities to be a good role model to her is extremely important to her.

With her mother teaching and her dad working as a computer technician, education was always valued in the McKessie household. No TV 'til your homework was done, homework was always checked, extra lessons would be given if her parents thought it was necessary. It wasn't that they wanted straight-A students, they just want their children to do the best they could possibly do and have what they needed to pursue their dreams later in life. Though her older sister found this as a way to quickly burn out on school, becoming only an average student, Taylor found the approval, encouragement, and extra help as fuel to make her work harder, get better grades, and achieve more. Not to mention she seemed to be naturally smart.

Financially, the McKessie's had no real worries. All three girls had college funds, they went on family vacations every year. But they didn't just give Taylor whatever she wanted. She worked for it. Chores, good grades, good behavior, all went towards an "allowance," not to mention the quality car she had gotten for her 16th birthday.

As her senior year starts to dwindle down, Taylor is trying to fit in as much "life" as possible, though with all of her activities and responsibilities, it is proving to be a little difficult.

Basic favorites/dislikes
likes: the color green, watching her baby sister, shoe shopping, finishing a complicated assignment, learning something new, people watching, reading a good book, green pepper pizza, milky way candy bars, sleeping outside, the smell of rain, love spell body spray from victoria's secret, a long bubble bath with a bunch of candles, water (and drinks a lot of it), shoes, caramel macchiatos

dislikes: just being thought of as a "smart kid," spiders, snobby people, cheerleaders, mindless people, not finding shoes in her size, the media-driven view of beauty, health food, being on a nearly constant lack of sleep
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